black-largeI believe that people are made to experience the peace and comfort that comes from love. Love honors. Love accepts. Love pursues. Love believes. Love endures. Love is designed to create a relational environment of positional security. We are not left on our own to wonder if we are ok, or secure, in this relationship. On the contrary, when doubts arise, love allows us to seek fulfillment of the needs with which we were designed and created – such as peace, comfort, security, significance, and joy.

Secure love is pictured ultimately in the relationship of God with his chosen people. He chooses, redeems, and provides a new secure and significant identity through Jesus Christ, and then promises to always be faithful to sustain and provide for our every need. Of course, none of us can love as God loves His beloved children, but the picture is clear for how our relationships are to function best. God is love, and we learn how to love one another best through knowing what He says and does, and experiencing relationships His way.

As a Christian counselor, my counseling employs this picture of secure love in the gospel within a theoretical framework of attachment theory and systemic thinking. I seek changes for people in a way that will produce core changes.  Although I see behavioral and circumstantial change as important, I believe a more significant service to my clients is produced if we also consider a focus on change that occurs at a heart kind of level.


The cost for counseling sessions are $150 per session.  Sessions are 50 minutes long.

I do not take insurance, however I can provide you the paperwork for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  Most insurance companies will reimburse a portion of your counseling after your deductible.  As well, your counseling costs can usually be used to go against your needed deductible amount.  You can also use a Health Savings Account for your counseling costs.

Payment is due at the time of each counseling session.  I require all clients to make payment for their session in the session.  Be prepared with a form of payment at your session (cash, check, V, MC, AmEx, Disc).

Cancellations within 24 hours of your appointment time will result in being charged your full session fee.  For a Monday appointment, you must cancel by the appointment time on the Friday before.  If you cancel your appointment due to emergency (hospital, death, illness) within 24 hours of your appointment, there will be a $75 charge instead of the full session amount.  Cancellations made within 24 hours of your appointment will be charged the full amount no matter the reason.  Thank you for your understanding.

Schedule a Session

You can book a counseling session with Rick through the online calendar system located at this link.  You can schedule, change, or cancel appointments from this calendar. Upon scheduling an appointment, you will receive a confirmation email.  Rick sees clients Monday-Thursday starting at 9:30am and the last session begins at 2:00pm.

Friday Intensive

On select Fridays, Rick sees clients for a mini-intensive which is a full day session beginning at 9:00am and ending around 3:30pm.  This is for clients that want to gain ground more quickly or for whom they can only attend counseling infrequently.  The cost for Friday intensives are $1,500.  Intensives are booked through Rick directly…a request can be sent through the contact page.

New Client Paperwork

All first-time clients must complete the online intake form located here.  As well, you will be asked to complete a consent to counseling form at your first session.  Should you like to complete this advance, it can be printed here: consent and contract

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